Type : 
Brand Identity
goal : 
Mural that turned into a Brand

"What started as a K-Pop themed mural for a new Korean chicken and beer restaurant turned into a delicious new brand." - Nate Dye

Our friends at Orleans Development brought us in to help bring to life another restaurant project with designer Carey McGuire. Tasked with designing a mural or two for the inside of a new korean fried chicken and beer restaurant, turned into a K-pop inspired brand exercise including 7 large murals, a logo, bourbon barrel mural, street sign, window signs, t-shirts, menu, and other swag designs - in other words, a little more than we anticipated. The beauty of working with the restaurant owner Bruce, was our familiarity with his style, and his openness to our process.

What started as a mural project eventually morphed into a brand design project once Bruce realized his previous vision for the logo didn't match the new aesthetic to the restaurant. From there we gave him a new logo, utilizing the color palette and elements created from the murals. These pieces flowed into things like the merch, menus, t-shirts, and other swag - creating a fully integrated brand experience from the moment you walk in the door, to the very delicious food - did we mention the food? It's amazing.

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