making our mom proud
(and dad too)

You could say that “Dye Brothers” was born on May 9th, 1979 when Chris and Nathan were first introduced, but that may be putting the chicken before the egg.

Natives of Northern Kentucky, growing up in a farm family in Hebron, they quickly learned to be best friends as much from necessity as common interests. From an early age, creativity and imagination were always encouraged in their house. Art and visual storytelling was always a strongsuit of Chris’, while Nathan featured the more verbal, analytical and strategic mindset. Their parents always pushed them to not only be polite and to use their manners, but also to develop a work ethic that made them appreciate everything they had.

From the time they both set out trying to conquer the branding and marketing world, people would ask when they were going to start their own agency - with the answer always being, “some day. ” Well, after years of working together at a few agencies across town, amassing experience, the skills to accompany that, and making the connections with all the right people, it finally happened…and boy, their mom sure is proud.

THE Brothers

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