Northside Distilling Co.
Type : 
Brand Identity
goal : 
Brand Design, Product Design, Package Design, Brand Story, Brand Voice, Mural Work, Collateral Materials

"Everything we did to create this brand was to make sure we stayed true to its roots, to build a brand from the grain up - Honest and No Frills." - Chris Dye

"We're distilling in my kitchen and my wife wants us out of the house."

It’s how every great distillery is born, right? When the owners of Northside Distilling Co. reached out about creating a logo for their micro distillery, we could have only hoped it’d continue to grow, and that we could grow with them. So we invested - time, design, copy, social content, photos, social posts, drinks, a giant mural, wheat pasted walls, a few more drinks and a lot of passion for this brand that seemed to grow as we grew our small company.

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