Back to School

Longbranch Elementary

We were invited by the principal (and an old friend from high school) of this fantastic elementary school, near where we grew up, to create a mural (or 3 or 4) that would help bring some life to their gym, cafeteria, and hallways. We incorporated a geometric version of their Longhorn mascot, and a few other elements they focused on daily with their kids to give a visual punch to their lessons.


Aces Pickleball

While pickle ball is "America's fastest growing sport," the mural we were tasked to bring to life at this new facility needed to connect the outdoor patio guest, dog park visitor, and the passing engineer with a piece of art that paid homage to the neighborhood and it's familiar train tracks that showcased an unlimited amount of art daily. While this was our biggest venture into spray paint, we decided to bring in one of the best in the biz, The Devious, to help polish our piece with some beautiful work of his own.

A Warm Welcome

A Covington Welcome

With fun new branding in tow, the city of Covington reached out and asked if we could create a mural that would welcome everyone at the Pike St. entrance of town with a message that was unapologetically them. While this one became a bit larger piece than we initially thought, the end result is one that jumps out at you as you enter town, or cruise past on Interstate 75S. We pulled out all the stops on this one, bringing in our friends and family to make this piece come to life.

It's a whole vibe

Bengals' draft Night

5/3 + BENGALS DRAFT NIGHT MURAL: Every so often you’re presented with an opportunity to work on something that makes the inner Icky-Boomer-Collinsworth in you giddy. The project that makes you want to call your best buds to share the excitement…or better yet…they join you for the adventure. This, is that project.

Representing the Cincinnati Bengals and 5/3 Bank, MKTG invited Neltner Small Batch and the Dye Brothers to create a mural that would be featured at the 2023 Bengals Draft Party. Not only would the work be displayed, but fans could also participate in painting the original work of art.

The project was lightning fast from kick off to concept to creating an 8’ x 24 custom piece of art that had to be transported to Paycor Stadium. There’s a certain vibe about our city right now that we haven’t felt since we were kids. Pride and confidence radiate through our region. This piece represents that, and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

The Coolest Dentist in Town

East Orchard Dentistry

When a good family friend invites you to make her dentist office a bit brighter with some cool murals, and essentially gives you free rein to do what you want, you say yes. When the office comes with some impressive mid-century modern furniture and a super welcoming vibe, we had to believe we were already set up to succeed. We brought the geometric "orchard" into the lobby, a topographical map of a molar to one of the walls, and a series of linoleum block carved and printed teeth to a series of walls.